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Welcome to the Townhouse shop. Explore our site and enjoy our unique mid-century modern furniture and objects, individually selected for fine design and craftsmanship.

Want to know more? Visit the Townhouse blog where we share insights about the luminaries of modernist design, interview collectors and experts in the field, and go in-depth to explain the vocabulary of the era - from historic influences to furniture finishes.

Design team Marla Dekker and Kevork Babian are the proprietors of Townhouse. We ourselves could be called "mid-century moderns" born in the 1950's, we were educated by modernist masters during the 1970's. Throughout our careers, we have collected furniture, art and objects with a deepening appreciation of the development and influence of the modernist aesthetic through the second half of the 20th Century and (beyond). Our tastes have evolved from mass produced furniture to a passion with custom-made pieces. We believe that buying vintage is a way to live sustainably with style.

We supply our furniture to architects, interior designers and astute collectors. Quality, uniqueness and value are trademarks of Townhouse merchandise.

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