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Rowland: Deconstructed Vase #61

Deconstructed Vase #61

By Susan Rowland (1940 -2019)

Estate stamp provided

High fired glazed stoneware


Rowland drew inspiration from her explorations of Shanghai, Tunis and other cities with ancient histories of handmade stoneware. Rowland deconstructed functional pottery shapes exploring voids, creases and exaggerations. 

Created from the artist’s distinctive formal vocabularies of gestural abstraction, drawing, and collage, Rowland’s sensual and sensitive vessels and figures operate as both functional objects and potent metaphors of the tensions between the visceral and the visionary.

Rowland was a trustee of the Brooklyn Arts Council and supporter of the artist in Brooklyn. Proceeds from the sale of Rowland's work benefit the Brooklyn Arts Council.

Height 14"

Width 20"